tecnilith® Micro Matte Phototool

tecnilith® Micro Matte Phototool

tecnilith® Micro Matte Phototool’s positive working diazo films, are specifically designed for room-light duplicating of line negatives and positives used in the printed circuit and micro-electronics and chemical milling industries.

tecnilith® Micro Matte Phototool has scratch and chemical resistance built into the emulsion, eliminating the need for additional protective laminates.

Features and Benefits

  • tecnilith® Micro Matte Phototool provides high resolution–over 1000 lines/mm with sharply defined images
  • Exceptional dimensional stability
  • Room light handling–no dark room required, and minimal infrared absorption reducing serious heat build up.
  • Exposure can be made in a conventional vacuum frame with metal halide UV or other additive type light sources.
  • Process in any table-top ammonia processor
  • Over-development is impossible
  • No washing or drying is required


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