Conductive Current Collector

Conductive Current Collector

The z-flo® brand of conductive coated aluminium foils — also called primed aluminium foils or cathode current collectors — are a component of all types of lithium batteries.

This includes lithium ion batteries, lithium polymer batteries and lithium metal polymer batteries. Z-flo conductive foils provide strong adhesion to the aluminium foil and to subsequent layers, while protecting the foil from electrolyte chemistries.The result is increased performance, reliability and safety.

Product features and benefits

  • Patented coating technology providing strong aluminium foil adhesion and aluminium foil chemical resistance
  • Wide range of aluminium foil thicknesses
  • Wide range of aluminium foil width and roll lengths
  • Custom coatings for use on aluminium foils
  • Custom aluminium foils, namely alternate tempers and alloys
  • Custom dimensions — roll widths and lengths — to meet your requirements for coated foils



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