Conductive Films for Whiteboard

Conductive Films for Whiteboard

The z-flo® brand of conductive carbon film in resistive touch technology white boards, assures a reliable electrical contact that generates coordinates for precision mapping. Our conductive films are designed and used throughout the world in electronic whiteboards that interface with computers.

We also produce superior dry erase film surfaces for use in passive (static) and electronic (interactive) whiteboards. These dry erase films can be supplied in a stand-alone format, or with a conductive coating already applied to the opposite side of the dry erase surface.

Dry erase and conductive films for whiteboards can also be supplied with pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA) on one side to facilitate the lamination process. Silver tracks can also be supplied on the conductive film as electrical bus bars. The manufacturing process of electronic interactive whiteboards can be greatly simplified through the use of these multi-functional products.


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