Medical Electrodes

Medical Electrodes

Manufacturers around the world trust Coveris Advanced Coatings to deliver high-performance conductive films.

Lightweight, low-cost and high performing, our carbon-filled polymeric films, with or without additional silver coatings, exhibit high conductivity, won’t flake and are unaffected by humidity. All of these conductive films provide ‘through’ conductivity or conductivity in the z-direction.

The z-flo® brand of medical electrodes and their precise coating, uniformly dispersed conductivity and ‘through’ conductivity, make our films ideal for use in a variety of compact and lightweight medical diagnostics and treatment devices. Applications include electrodes for patient monitoring, defibrillation and muscle stimulation.

Please note that the conductive product guide provides an overview of products. If you have requirements that are not met by the products listed please contact us as we may manufacture the product you are searching for, as a standard product.


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